About Innecs and energy technology

Innovation in the field of energy technology, that is what we have been doing since 2004. We offer intelligent solutions for an efficient energy conversion of (industrial) clients with a steam installation or a specific combustion issue. These solutions increase the energy efficiency and improve emissions, so that they are within the applicable standards.

With our innovative products we help you to realise a stable, energy-efficient and reliable energy supply. The solutions of Innecs are compact, excel in the simplicity of the design and have a short payback period.

In Europe various clients already rely on the 'BoilerBurner', so that they can comply with the regulations for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

The 'SteamExpander' and 'PowerBurner' use innovative technology to help industrial clients with increasing the efficiency with the steam and electricity production. This happens in a cost-effective and responsible way.


About engineering and development

With our knowledge and products we make a contribution to a sustainable society by reducing the emission of conventional systems. At the same time it is a technical challenge to design industrial energy conversion systems at a low cost, which can be applied flexibly and on a smaller scale.

Based on our expertise in the field of combustion and flow technology, we design and develop high-quality products which offer solutions for specific client questions.

We carry out the engineering and development at our own company, while the production is done by external parties, whereby we always remain strictly in control.