Our investors

Ondernemend Nederland (formerly AgentschapNL of Economic Affairs) has been financier and partner since the foundation of Innecs. The Brabantse Ontwikkelmaatschappij (BOM) joined as a shareholder and financier of the company as from March 2012. A supervisory board was appointed after the BOM joined to advise the board and supervise the policy and realising the forecast objectives.

Finindus, a Belgian investment company supported by ArcelorMittal and the Flemish Region, has also joined as an investor since September 2016. The new funds will be mainly applied to facilitate the growth of the company. Investments will be made in the robustness and reliability of the products and the organisation. The sales and marketing activities will have to shape the international growth, because this is where the greatest opportunities lie for Innecs.

Innecs focuses on the energy market with its projects and products. Creating new opportunities and opening up new markets is a permanent area of attention. Innecs remains interested in new investors to explore opportunities.