Herz Technology from South-Korea visits Innecs Power Systems in Ter Aar



It all started with a telephone call from Korea to our headoffice in Ter Aar. Herz Technology was very interested in our products and would like to get in contact with our Sales Team.

In South-Korea people are also very concerned about the environment and a lot is done in area of sustainable energy. And that is precisely an activity that Innecs Power Systems plays a strong role. Contribution to reducing costs, save the environment and making required energy constantly available.

Kristoff Praet: “In East Asia, there has been a strong focus on the decentralized production of electricity for some time. This has to do with both the flexibility that this entails and with the stability of the network. As Europeans, we are spoiled for network performance and stability. In many regions, there is a need for own solutions to safeguard critical processes from short power outages. In the past, mainly diesel generators were used for this. In recent years, more and more people have switched to electricity from steam, since steam can also be produced from green fuels such as biomass, or as a residual product in waste processing.”

Visit to Test-plant Emmen

The interest shown by Herz Technology relates in particular to the Innecs SteamExpander. Innecs designed and developed the SteamExpander to reduce steam pressure without making use of energy in pressure difference. The pressuredrop is correctly used in the SteamExpander to drive the turbine and thereby generate  electricity at the same time.

And that’s exactly what Herz Technology interests most. And where can they view this better than on our test-plant at the Businesspark Emmtec in Emmen.