Innecs Power Systems will be attending the Hannover Messe 2018



Just like last year, Innecs Power Systems will be present during the Hannover Messe. This largest industrial exhibition in Europe will take place from 23rd until 27th April. Approx 200.000 visitors will pass by all the stand in the several halls of the Hannover Messe.

This year Innecs decided to have a stand of their own. You can find us in the Energy-hall, Hall 27 on our stand, L47. Here you can meet our Sales Team, amongst others our Sales Representative in Germany Stefan Geissendörffer. He is the right person to tell you about the importance of the SteamExpander in Germany.

Stefan Geissendörffer:

Efficiently use of energy, protecting the environment, cost reductive.
"Innecs Power Systems supports you in increasing the efficiency of your company and helps you to build a reliable and sustainable energy supply. In this way you are able to reduce your operating costs and the environmental impact as well."

Increase your efficiency
"With the SteamExpander, a high-performance generator, generates up to 250 kW electricity from steam. Instead of or in addition to the existing pressure reduction, the SteamExpander uses the pressure difference of the steam pressure to generate electricity."

Protect the environment!
"The energy of the reduced vapor pressure is thus meaningfully used and the energy balance positively influenced. Improved use of primary energy and CO2-reduced energy use create economic and environmental benefits. As a result, the SteamExpander not only makes a significant contribution to the sustainable and resource-saving energy supply, but at the same time protects the environment."

Reduce your electricity costs!
"Thus, in many steam systems, the energy efficiency can be significantly increased with the SteamExpander. By the power generation the pressure reduce steam either the electrical feed-in power can be increased in the network, or the reference from the power grid can be reduced by the own use."


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More information, please visit us at the Hannover Messe, Halle 27 (Energy Hal), Standnumber L47.