Our products

We help you to realise a stable and reliable energy supply, whereby your costs and the pressure on the environment will decrease compared to your current situation.

We do this by using high-quality products: burners, steam and gas turbines, which increase the energy efficiency and reduce emissions at your company at an acceptable price.

We carry out the engineering and development at our own company, while the production is done by external parties, whereby we always remain strictly in control.

Innecs Power Systems-BoilerBurner


The BoilerBurner is a unique boiler burner, which produces lower NOx exhaust gas values than traditional burners. 



The SteamExpander reduces steam pressure and makes use of the difference in pressure to drive the turbine and generate electricity at the same time.

Innecs Power Systems - PowerBurner-vk


The PowerBurner is a unique burner: a gas turbine and an integrated generator which generates high temperature heat and electricity at the same time.



The MiniSTEG is a unique small power station, which also generates electricity besides steam and in this way provides for its own energy needs.