Mini Power Station

The MiniSTEGĀ is a mini power station for the simultaneous generation of steam and electricity! It is a unique combination of the PowerBurner and SteamExpander, combined with a steam boiler. With this your company can largely provide for its own energy needs, so you can buy less energy from the grid and have less transport costs and losses. This means that a fast payback period within 3 years is very realistic.

High efficiency

The MiniSTEG power station has a very high overall efficiency, because it uses the primary fuel almost completely and uses the unused heat in an optimal way. By using a water tube boiler, the installation has a short start-up time and can meet the momentary steam demand at once, without any standby loss. The generator can generate up to 750 kW electricity. The MiniSTEG is also suitable for various fuels. The footprint of the MiniSTEG is comparable with that of an equivalent fire tube boiler.

The MiniSTEG simply supplies overheated steam to prevent condensation in the transmission lines. Finally, the MiniSTEG can be made suitable without a problem for steam pressure levels between 40 bars and 1 bar, which means that the installation is future-proof.

For whom

The MiniSTEG power station is an excellent alternative for each conventional steam boiler. Because of the simultaneous production of steam and electricity the MiniSTEG is the only boiler which supplies steam and pays for itself.

Design and engineering agencies, consultancies in the field of energy supply and boiler builders have a unique concept at their disposal for energy installations to be newly built.

A MiniSTEG is safer than a comparable fire tube boiler due to its lower water volume. The chance of explosions is less great, which is in particular very important in developing countries or third-world countries.