Innovative cogeneration

Is your organisation involved in steam production, baking or drying processes, absorption cooling or space heating? Then the PowerBurner produces a innovative cogeneration which may result in cost savings for you.
The PowerBurner is a unique burner: it produces high-quality heat and generates electricity at the same time. This combination results in a short payback period, because you partly provide for your own electricity needs, which means that you can buy less electricity from the grid and have less transport costs and losses.

Heat and electricity combined

The PowerBurner is a burner with low emissions and a very high total efficiency of 91% or more. The installation consists of a gas turbine which delivers a high temperature output (for example, for generating steam), combined with an integrated generator which supplies an electric power of 280 kW. The produced heat has a sufficiently high temperature to fire the steam boiler. The PowerBurner offers an attractive business case starting from a steam demand of 2 tons/hour.

The PowerBurner is also an energy-saving solution for baking and drying processes. The flue gas quality of the PowerBurner is usually suitable for direct use in your processes because of the continuous combustion and the latest technology.

For whom

The PowerBurner has numerous applications, for example where energy is required for production processes with a high temperature or a great heat demand. This is, for example, the case in industrial parks or production plants, the food industry, such as bakeries with large baking ovens and intensive baking or drying processes.

Cogeneration through the Powerburner can also be applied in the agricultural and horticultural sector (for example, grass drying plants), where space heating or absorptive cooling are used.