Energy recovery

Does your company have residual steam or heat? Are you looking for a sustainable way to reduce steam pressure? The SteamExpander reduces steam pressure and uses the pressure difference to generate electricity. An efficient way of energy recovery.

To generate electricity 

The SteamExpander is a steam turbine and is, like the PowerBurner, integrated with a 250 kWe high-rev generator. You use the SteamExpander to reduce steam pressure, instead of a classic pressure reducing station. The pressure drop creates shaft power, with which electricity is generated and you can therefore provide for your energy needs. This means that you can buy less electricity from the grid and therefore have a short payback period. Generating electricity is also possible by using residual steam. Moreover, the steam turbine can handle overheated and saturated steam.

The steam turbine has a high efficiency, low maintenance costs and can easily be installed in a current situation because of its compact construction.

The payback period of the SteamExpander is less than 3 years.

For whom

Besides the cost savings for individual companies, the SteamExpander is very interesting for industrial parks where steam is generated at one location and then distributed among companies, each of which require a different steam pressure.

The SteamExpander is also a good solution with co-siting, whereby steam pressure reduction is necessary when high pressure steam is transported to a company that requires a lower pressure.

Innecs started a pilot project, together with Emmtec Engineering, in which the SteamExpander is used to reduce the steam pressure and the pressure difference, in turn, is used to generate electricity. It has been a success! Richard de Haan from Emmtec explains what was achieved through this project.

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